shadowplays are figments of their own imaginations (ciaan) wrote in sv_dcu,
shadowplays are figments of their own imaginations

The (Totally Legal) 18th Anniversary Kon-a-thon

Celebrating 18 years of Superboy! Kon-El! Conner Kent! The once and future Superman!

18 years of publication history since June 1993. His name has changed... his costume... his powers... his parentage... his location... his relationships... He's died and come back to life. He's just made his TV debut this season. And through it all, he's still helping people, saving the world, and spreading awesomeness.

So let's throw a party! With fic, art, vids, discussion, squee, games, fun, and love!

kon_a_thon kon_a_thon kon_a_thon
Tags: .challenges, .promotions

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